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Short individual stays

A long individual stay is a stay of 3 to 12 months. Participants attend classes in an institution of learning in France and are hosted by a family which does not receive financial compensation or require any compulsory work in the home in exchange for hosting. It is a true personal experience of life with its cultural, linguistic, and social dimensions which implies a commitment on the part of the young participant. Preparation must be of the highest quality.

image-accueil-learn-frenchThe length of the stay has a direct influence on the content, the progression and the impact of the stay.

Aptitude of the participants: during the interview with the organization, all young applicants must show that they are motivated and psychologically well-balanced.

The French organization prepares the stay in cooperation with its partners.

This type of stay implies that the organization and its representatives must:

  • verify the aptitude of the applicants and the host families,
  • prepare the participants,
  • carry out a periodic follow-up during the stay.

L'office garantit des séjours linguistiques et éducatifs de qualité

L’Office est une association qui porte un label de qualité, qui contrôle et accompagne ses organismes labellisés vers un perfectionnement qualitatif. Tous les organismes labellisés par L’Office s’engagent sur les termes du Contrat Qualité, élaboré avec les fédérations de parents d’élèves FCPE et APEL, ainsi que des associations de consommateurs agréées.

L'Office bénéficie du soutien du Ministère chargé de la Jeunesse.

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